Postcards from Paris

Postcards from Paris is a series of 14 hand written postcards documenting our FAN trip to the COP21 Redlines protest in Paris 2015.

Save Me tags (Bristol, 2011)

All the tags left by audience members during Search Party’s 11-day semaphore performance Save Me during Mayfest (Bristol, 2011).

Save Me: A Conversation Across the City (BUY THE BOOK)

Search Party’s book reflecting on the 11-day performance of Save Me during Mayfest, Bristol (2011) is available to buy from Unbound.

Live Art UK In Time Search Party response

In 2010 Search Party were invited to present a response to Live Art UK’s In Time case study.

I'm Still Standing

In 2016 Search Party were invited to give a presentation at I’m Still Standing: How to survive as an artist at Residence in Bristol.

Family Portrait for Brood

Family Portrait is a uncreative writing project about the performance of marathon runner Paula Radcliffe and her family. The project was created for Brood – art and parenting in an age of austerity, a quarterly publication by Townley and Bradby.

Search Party for Beginners

A playful introduction to Search Party written and featured in our 2011 book Save Me: A Conversation Across the City.

Things we have learnt about salt

Dramaturg for Growing Old With You, Ben Francombe reflects of the process of creating the first performance.

Don’t do it yourself

Search Party were invited to contribute to Rob Daniels’ book on D.I.Y. performance, this is what we wrote. Rob’s excellent book(s) are available on Unbound.
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Search Party vs…: sports commentary, participation and the sport/art event

An article by Pete in Contemporary Theatre Review about sports commentary and Search Party vs…

I Can’t Juggle

Pete wrote a blog for Theatre Bristol about performing Save Me at Les Tonnerres de Brest, in Brittany, France.

Semaphore for Beginners

Semaphore for Beginners is a programme note written by Ben Francombe, dramaturg for Save Me.

Sore Arms. Sore Eyes. Sore Feet.

Sore Arms. Sore Eyes. Sore Feet. is a text written for our book Save Me: A Conversation Across the City. It was also performed at the launch of the book at Arnolfini in Bristol.