Search Party vs…

Search Party vs… is a 3-day interactive durational performance in which Search Party challenge the host city/town to a marathon game of table tennis. In public spaces, and for almost 20 hours, over 3 days, spectators and passers-by are invited to form a team and play against Search Party. The performance is accompanied by a live durational commentary text, which creates real and imagined contexts for spectators and participants.

The commentary is re-written before every performance incorporating mythologies, official and personal histories specific to the host town/city. At the end of each day the commentary is developed to include stories of the participants who have represented their town/city – the players of today become the stories of tomorrow.

Existing somewhere between mass public spectacle and intimate 1-on-1 performance, Search Party vs… borrows the notion of team from sport to examine connections between the personal and the geographic, exploring ideas of community, place and belonging.

Made with support from Arts Council England.

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“(Search Party vs…) is playful, humorous and oddly moving… a truly entertaining and innovative work…” Gregg Whelan: Co-artistic Director ANTIfestival (Finland)


“(Search Party vs… was) a huge success with local residents… incredibly engaging in the most immediate way.” Jane Greenfield, Associate Producer of Home live art


“Over the three days, people become very involved, sometimes discussing strategy and organising rotas; it’s a performance that spans both mass participation and the intimacy of a one-on-one experience.” The Guardian (UK)