Save Me

Save Me playfully challenges the boundaries of intimacy. Using semaphore flags instead of spoken words, two performers attempt a rolling and improvised narrative that communicates across the city, exposing stories that are hidden, encoded, that simmer beneath the surface.

Save Me is a durational, interactive, site based performance in which Live Art duo Search Party attempt to converse over a distance of up to half a kilometer. Standing on platforms facing each other, the flagged exchange is themed around ideas of separation. The conversations are improvised and documented on large chalkboards. Audience members are invited to share their own stories of separation on tags, which they write and then tie to the platforms. The tags ask three simple questions:

1) Who are you apart from?
2) Where are they now?
3) What would you like to say to them?

Over time the platforms start to become reminiscent of impromptu roadside memorials that mark the locations of accidents. The tags display a whole range of narratives from emotional stories about love ones in other parts of the world, amusing anecdotes about lazy teenagers or adorable pets, and affective statements about death and regret. These tags become the subject of the conversation, using the many narratives of audience members to shape and inform the live flagged exchange.

Made with support from Mayfest & Theatre Bristol. Developed with support from Home Live Art and Rules & Regs.

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“It’s the sense of a conversation shaped by the city that makes Save Me so engaging.” The Guardian (UK)


“Hugely cheering…a compelling, quirky drama.” The Guardian (UK)


“…you can’t help but smile.” The Guardian (UK)


“…consistently heartfelt and thought-provoking work.” Exeunt Magazine (UK)


“…seeing Save Me in action was strangely and undeniably beautiful, with some individuals being reduced to tears.” Exeunt Magazine (UK)