STORM is a new two-handed studio performance being developed by Search Party in 2018 for touring in 2019. Using recycled, reused and repaired languages from big budget disaster cinema, climate politics, news coverage of storms with names and classic literature, STORM explores the bullshit of climate denial and the empty gestures and public platitudes of climate concern.

STORM is a whirlwind. It’s a bullshitting hurricane powered by ‘clean’ coal. It’s Jake Gyllenhaal running from the surge. It’s climate chaos. It’s Shakespeare’s Ophelia, drowning. It’s about the last two snowflakes on Earth. It’s about her and him, the earth and the sun. It’s hot and sweaty and still the temperature is rising. It’s a sea of troubles. It’s a call to arms. It’s a he says ‘THUS CONSCIENCE DOES MAKE COWARDS OF US ALL’.  It’s orange skies and dust settling. It’s eye of a hurricane. It starts with an earthquake. It’s listen to yourself shake. It’s a fake tree in a fake forest in a fake landscape. It’s a lie. It’s a mouthful. It’s a great big unfathomable inevitability.

Research and development for STORM is supported by the Royal Court.