“It’s another bit of mother work, It’s about some mother matter, It’s about some mother kit, It’s just some mother talk, It’s just mother stuff talk, It’s about overwhelming on the sofa stuff, It’s about all that fucking mother stuff, it’s the encumbered mother stuff, It’s the wow look there’s a mother stuff.”

mOTHERstuff is a collection of performative writings in the proximity of the maternal, that attempts to make my own mothering visible. mOTHERstuff explores how the maternal disrupts my practice and how my practice disrupts the maternal. These maternal anecdotes and images explore (in)significant maternal matters and are exhibited in a number of contexts including academic writing and presentations, blogs and performance. My mOTHERstuff work has been included in an online project The Egg, the Moon, the Head and the Womb, Performing Place 3 at the University of Chichester and at Edge Hill University’s Maternal Performance conference.

A selection of mOTHERstuff work can be seen on our News page.