The Family Activist Network (FAN) is a group of some 35 adults and children, based across the UK (Cambridge, Chichester, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Norwich and Sheffield). FAN was formed to consider family life and climate change through a variety of art activist formats. Since its formation in 2014 FAN have exchanged slow mail correspondence, created a reading group This Changes Everything (Naomi Klein 2015), held recruitment events (Two Degrees festival, Artsadmin, London 2015), protested together (Time to Act, London, 2015; D12 Redlines in Paris for COP21, 2015), engaged in creating family performances showcase (Plas Caerdeon, Wales 2016), commissioned a science lecture about James Watt and the onset of Anthropocene Epoch (Glasgow Green, 2016), engaged in a themed discussion on Future Scenarios (2016), visited the site of the Happisburgh footprints, created Photo Books of FAN encounters (2015 – ongoing) and debated on FAN email list (2015 – ongoing).

FAN is composed of academics, activists, actors, artists, architects, babies, cultural workers, dreamers, parents, playwrights, school children and toddlers. They are Anna, Clare, Corin, Edward, Ella, Fionn, Gabriel, Gary, Hamish, Hope, James, Jennifer, Jodie, Jude, Laylah, Lawrence, Leah, Leo, Lena, Mahmood, Mala, Martha, Max, Neal, Oisin, Paula, Pete, Roma, Ruby, Sam, Sandy, Sarah, Sid, Susi, Tom, Valerie, Zoë and growing. Some of the members are engaged in their own arts collectives (A Place of Their Own, Metis Arts, Migrant Artists Mutual Aid, Search Party, The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home and Townley & Bradby), others work independently. All are concerned to imagine and create another possible world, with social and ecological justice at its core.