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Growing Old With You

“...moments of emotional beauty dotted about an arid landscape of salt and smoke.”
 Realtime magazine (Australia)

Growing Old With You is a life long performance project, which attempts to document lived experience in real time. Starting in 2010, and for every 10 years for the rest of their lives, Search Party will create a performance exploring ideas of age, duality and accumulation. Over the course of a life-time we hope to create a series of works in which we, the work and the audience all grow old together.

The first performance of this life-long series is available to tour. It is a studio performance that takes place on a long narrow corridor of salt. Using a stark, simple vocabulary of action and personal histories, Search Party enact a tender ritual in preparation for their own futures.
The next phase of the Growing Old With You project is currently in development. SIZE will be a performance for young children, exploring ideas of age from the perspective of 3-5 year olds. Search Party are keen to work with venues and festivals interested in developing a long-term developmental relationship with this life-long project.

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Credits: Growing Old With You has been developed through support from Arts Council England, The Showroom (University of Chichester) and Ferment at the Bristol Old Vic. Research and Development with the support of BAC, South Hill Park, and Forest Fringe.